With Your Help



The Jamaica Environment Trust wishes to express their heartfelt gratitude to the numerous individuals and organizations that helped support the campaign to Save Goat Islands. We hope the list below is complete, but if we inadvertently omitted anyone, please let us know.

Major Donors
Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
Grantham Foundation
Grodzins Fund
International Iguana Foundation
San Diego Zoo
Fort Worth Zoo
Jill Jollay
Waitt Foundation (to UWI)


Website & Social Media
Tandora Grant
David Hedrick
Taylor Tay
Emma Lewis
John Binns

Academic Support, Research, Field Work, Editorial
Tandora Grant, San Diego Zoo Global
Dr. Byron Wilson, UWI
Dr. Kurt McLaren, UWI
Dr. Suzanne Palmer, UWI
Jamaican Iguana Recovery Group
Hope Zoo
Kenroy “Booms” Williams
Conservation Strategy Fund
Conservation Agreement Fund
NIRAS-Fraenkel Ltd.
Smith Warner International

Advocacy, Education & Outreach
Peter Espeut
Alfred Sangster
Gregory Mair
Dr. Peter Edwards
Howard Chin
Richard Conniff
Rick Van Veen, UWI
Wendy Townsend
Kuya magazine
Jamaica Journal magazine
Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation
IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC)
IUCN SSC Chair Simon Stuart
IUCN SSC Network Coordination Officer Rachel Hoffmann
IUCN SSC Iguana Specialist Group members

AZA Jamaican Iguana Species Survival Plan members, and their affiliates

Jamaica Environmental Action Network (JEAN)

Technical Support
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
World Resources Institute

Hugh Small, QC
Danielle Andrade
Lisa Russell
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

Images, Films, Shorts
Dr. Robin Moore, Intl. League of Conservation Photographers
Jeremy Francis, Image Guy, photographer
Max Earle, Frame by Frame Productions, photographer
Esther Figueroa, Independent Filmmaker
Thaddeus D. Matula, Independent Filmmaker
Zomian Thompson, Drone-maica
Jan Pauel
Dr. Byron Wilson
Andreas Oberli
Ted Lee Eubanks
Amanda Neil
Mike Fouraker
Kirsten Hines
Lisa Sorenson
Kirsty Swinnerton
Evert Henningheim
Dawn Fleuchaus
Claude Fletcher
Anthony Levesque
David Rayner
Rick Van Veen
Joseph Burgess
Tiana Rehman
Blair Hedges
Kimberley Stephenson


Ziggy Marley
Kabaka Pyramid
Jeremy Ashbourne
Inilek Wilmot
Mark Ruffalo
Mr. Vegas
Shane AquartAnimation
NivekPro Animation

In Kind
Pear Tree Press

Tours, Transport, Community Liaison
Herman and Paulette Coley
Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation
Pastor Sandra Nembhard
Port Royal Marine Lab, UWI


Stay Involved

* 1)  Write  the Jamaican Government, expressing your appreciation of the wise decision to NOT build a transshipment port on the Goat Islands in the Portland Bight Protected Area. A paper letter counts for more than an e-mail, but either is noted. You can word your letter any way you like, but we suggest you ask for full public disclosure of the details of the alternative port and logistics hub location, with comprehensive public consultation. You could also mention that you believe the Government should move forward with the complete restoration of the islands and renew the application to have the PBPA declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Most Honourable Andrew Holness, O.N, M.P.
Prime Minister of Jamaica
Office of the Prime Minister
1 Devon Road
Kingston 10

* 2)  Write to express your thanks publicly in the newspapers in Jamaica:
The Gleaner – letters@gleanerjm.com
Jamaica Observer – editorial@jamaicaobserver.com

* 3)  View and Like the videos on You Tube and Vimeo:
Don't Sell Out Jamaica - Save Goat Islands 2 - Extended PSA
Don't Sell Out Jamaica - Save Goat Islands PSA
Don't Mess With Goat Islands (animation)
Guardian of the Reptiles - short film by Robin Moore
Save Goat Islands - short film by Robin Moore and Thaddeus Matula