Press Links

29 Sep 2016 - #GoatIslandsSaved! Conservationists Warmly Welcome Jamaican Government Decision Against Transshipment Port in Protected Area (staff writer) BirdsCaribbean Blog

28 Sep 2016 - Environmentalists Welcome Scrapping of Goat Island Project (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

28 Sep 2016 - Press Release: Global Wildlife Conservation and International Iguana Foundation Congratulate Jamaica Environment Trust and Government of Jamaica for Thwarting Environmental Catastrophe (Lindsay Renick Mayer) Global Wildlife Conservation News

23 Sep 2016 - Environment Trust Happy Goat Islands Spared From Gov't's Transshipment Plans (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

24 Sep 2016 - Gov't Scraps Goat Island Project (Sherine Williams) Jamaica Gleaner

23 Sep 2016 - Press Release: JET Welcomes News About Goat Island Hub. Facbook or PDF download

23 Sep 2016 - Transshipment Project Under Consideration, But Not For Goat Islands – PM (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

20 Sep 2016 - Holness Administration Going Ahead With Goat Islands Logistics Hub Plans (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

8 Sep 2016 - Port Authority Response Re: GOJ Framework Agreement with China Harbour Engineering Company (Carrol Pickersgill) Letter to JET

30 Aug 2016 - Jamaican Government Letter of Intent to the International Monetary Fund (Audley Shaw, Minister of Finance and the Public Service, and Brian Wynter, Governor, Bank of Jamaica) IMF Website (see Section 24, page 14)

2 Mar 2016 - Environmental Priorities For Next PM (Jamaica Conservation & Development Trust, Jamaica Environment Trust, Portland Environmental Protection Association, Windsor Research Centre, Peter Espeut, John Fletcher, Catherine Levy, and Jan Pauel) Jamaica Gleaner

2 Mar 2016 - JCDT, JET Urge PM-Designate to Make Environment Priority (Jamaica Conservation & Development Trust, Jamaica Environment Trust, Portland Environmental Protection Association, Windsor Research Centre, Peter Espeut, John Fletcher, Catherine Levy, and Jan Pauel)  Jamaica Observer

22 Feb 2016 - Mr. Vegas Interview with Mr. Andrew Holness (Mr. Vegas) Facebook Video

21 Feb 2016 - Vegas in ‘National’ Debate (Simone Morgan) Jamaica Observer

24 Dec 2015 - Beijing Highway: $600m Road Just the Start of China's Investments in Caribbean (Sandra Laville) The Guardian

26 Nov 2015 - LNG Plant In Portland Bight (Steven Smith, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

4 Nov 2015 - New Export Free Zones Act Tabled in Parliament (Balford Henry) Jamaica Observer

13 Oct 2015 - Prime Minister Simpson Miller Meets Delegation from China Construction & China Harbour (OPM Communications Unit) Jamaica Information Service

28 Aug 2015 - Watch Kabaka Pyramid's Politically Charged Video for Damian Marley-Produced 'Well Done': Exclusive Premiere (Patricia Meschino) Billboard

20 Aug 2015 - Goat Islands Project Still Alive (McPherse Thompson) Jamaica Gleaner

12 Jul 2015 - Logistics Hub Spokesman Urges Less Bickering Over Major Investment Proposals (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

15 June 2015 - Commentary: Was the Goat Islands Project Killed? (editorial) Jamaica Gleaner

12 Mar 2015 - The Destruction of Paradise is Ongoing (Emma Lewis) Petchary's Blog

2 Feb 2015 - A Short Tribute to the Likkle Lizard (Emma Lewis) Petchary's Blog

30 Jan 2015 - Transport Minister Refutes Claim of Not Being Transparent about Goat Islands Project (staff writer)

29 Oct 2014 - Goat Islands Not Best Choice (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

28 Oct 2014 - Goat Islands Not the Best Choice for Transshipment Port - Study (Debbie-Ann Wright) Jamaica Gleaner

24 Oct 2014 - Press Release: GOJ Concedes Certificate of Exemption Wrongly Issued in Goat Islands Case PDF download

24 Oct 2014 - Court Orders Gov't to Pay Half of Legal Costs in Goat Islands Case (Barbara Gayle) Jamaica Gleaner

15 Oct 2014 - Goat Islands Port Plans Scare Potential KCT Leaseholders (Daraine Luton) Jamaica Gleaner

28 Sept 2014 - Logistics Hub Far From Reality! (Arthur Hall) Jamaica Gleaner

26 Sept 2014 - Jamaica Considers Developing Goat Islands Despite Environmental Protests (Matthew Hunte) Global Voices

17 Sep 2014 - Updates From the Field: Coral Reefs in the PBPA (Suzanne Palmer) Caribbean Environments

17 Sep 2014 - Jamaica To Hand Over Heart of Its Largest Protected Area to Blacklisted Chinese Conglomerate (Richard Conniff) The Jamaican Blogs

12 Sep 2014 - Goat Islands Could Make Jamaica A Stronger Shipping Destination (Daraine Luton) Jamaica Gleaner

7 Sep 2014 - Slow Boat To Goat Islands - Chinese Yet To Complete Studies (Ryon Jones) Jamaica Gleaner

3 Sep 2014 - CHEC Still Eyeing Goat Islands Project (Gary Spaulding) Jamaica Gleaner

25 Aug 2014 - 'Distressing' - Statement by Private Sector Member over Goat Island Irks JET Head (Kimberley Hibbert) Jamaica Observer

24 Aug 2014 - Only Ants on the Island - Private Sector Leaders Unimpressed After Visit to Greater Goat Island (Ryon Jones) Jamaica Gleaner

8 Aug 2014 - Recent Developments In Proposed Goat Islands Project Worrying - JET (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

7 Aug 2014 - No Work Has Started at Portland Bight (Minister Sandrea Falconer) Jamaica Information Service

23 Jul 2014 - PM Bats for Environment (Kimone Thompson) Jamaica Observer

10 Jul 2014 - First Phase of Goat Islands Development to be Completed in 2016 - IMF (staff writer) RJR News Online

6 Jul 2014 - Independence And Sovereignty (Ronald Mason) Jamaica Gleaner

3 Jul 2014 - Reef Surveys in the Portland Bight Protected Area (Suzanne Palmer) Caribbean Environments

2 Jul 2014 - Jamaica Selling Out its Paradise (Wendy Townsend) CNN

30 Jun 2014 - Logistics Hub Not a Major Threat to the Environment - Pinnock (Jodi-Ann Gilpin) Jamaica Gleaner

22 Jun 2014 - Judicial Review Court to Hear Goat Islands Case in October (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

19 Jun 2014 - Is China's Potential Overhyped? (Nick Davis) BBC World Service Business Daily Radio (segment on Goat Islands starts ~7:50)

16 Jun 2014 - Goat Islands Battle Builds (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

13 Jun 2014 - Tell the Public the Full Truth about Goat Islands (Danielle Andrade) Jamaica Observer

13 Jun 2014 - Beyond the Goat Islands Hype (Danielle Andrade) Jamaica Gleaner

11 Jun 2014 - Media Shown Just a Little Piece of Goat Island (Kimone Thompson) Jamaica Observer

9 Jun 2014 - Little Goat Island Tour Raises More Questions (Gary Spaulding) Jamaica Gleaner

7 Jun 2014 - Spare a Thought for the Jamaican Iguana (Diane Abbott) Jamaica Observer

2 Jun 2014 - JET to Wage Another Legal Battle for the Environment (Petre Williams-Raynor) Environment Etc.

28 May 2014 - Press Release: Court Gives JET Permission to File Case Against Min. of Finance and Planning and Port Authority for Release of Information on Transshipment Port Project PDF download

25 May 2014 - Is it OK to be Tolerant of Gays but be Proudly Heterosexual? (Mark Wignall) Jamaica Observer  (note: the 2nd half of this article references the engineering concerns regarding Goat Islands, see other posts: 26 Jan 2014, 18 Sept 2013, 8 Sept 2013)

23 May 2014 - Jamaica's Rare Wildlife – In Pictures (Eric Hilaire and Sajid Shaikh) The Guardian

23 May 2014 - Iconic Jamaican Iguana Under Threat from $1.5bn Chinese Port Project - Development Will Destroy Jamaica's Biggest Nature Reserve and Fragile Coastal Areas, Conservationists Warn (Suzanne Goldenberg) The Guardian

22 May 2014 - Celebrate the Unique and Wonderful Nature of the World’s Islands (staff writer) News on

20 May 2014 - Inform The Public, Davies (Diana McCaulay, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

19 May 2014 - JET Demands Publication Of Goat Islands' Agreement With Chinese Investors (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

18 May 2014 - Why Goat Islands Will Not be Saved (Mark Wignall) Jamaica Observer

15 May 2014 - Government Dismisses Uncertainty About Goat Islands Project (Balford Henry) Jamaica Observer

8 May 2014 - #savegoatislands (Nicolette Bryan, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Observer

6 May 2014 - Protected Natural Area for Sale (Robin Moore) Huffington Post

1 May 2014 - Guest Blog: Darkness in Hellshire – Part Three (Robin Moore) ARKive

30 Apr 2014 - Guest Blog: Darkness in Hellshire – Part Two (Robin Moore) ARKive

30 Apr 2014 - Goat Islands Study To Be Done, Funding Received (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

30 Apr 2014 - What’s Goat Islands Worth? (Keiran King) Jamaica Gleaner

29 Apr 2014 - Guest Blog: Darkness in Hellshire – Part One (Robin Moore) ARKive

28 Apr 2014 - A Word From 'Down Under' (Veronica Bingham, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Observer

24 Apr 2014 - Goat Island Port Does Not Mean Jamaica is a Logistic Hub - Holness (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

23 Apr 2014 - NEPA Serves Enforcement Notice On NSWMA Over Riverton Dump (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

23 Apr 2014 - Portland Bight is 15! (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

22 Apr 2014 - Saving Goat Islands, Jamaica (Robin Moore) National Geographic

22 Apr 2014 - As Jamaican Islands Face Threat, Photographer Snaps Into Action (Jaymi Heimbuch) Mother Nature Network

22 Apr 2014 - Jamaica To Hand Over Heart of Its Largest Protected Area to Blacklisted Chinese Conglomerate (Richard Conniff) Strange Behaviors

22 Apr 2014 - Press Release: JET Asks Court to Review GOJ's Denial of Information Re Goat Islands Project. PDF download

21 Apr 2014 - Goat Islands: A Mistake We Must Not Make (Alfred Sangster) Jamaica Observer

13 Apr 2014 - Take the Transhipment Hub Elsewhere; Leave Goat Islands (Online Reader's Comment to Editor) Jamaica Observer

11 Apr 2014 - If We Build the Logistics Hub They Will Come (Franklin Johnston) Jamaica Observer

11 Apr 2014 - Coal Not So Rational After All (Mike Schwartz, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

9 Apr 2014 - Press Ahead With Coal (John Allgrove, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

9 Apr 2014 - ‘Thank God Fi Seaside’. Old Harbour Bay Fishers Uncertain About Future (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

4 Apr 2014 - Jamaica Signs Agreement for Trans-shipment Hub (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

1 Apr 2014 - Jamaican Iguana: Sobering Update on Jamaica's Largest Vertebrate (Zoological Society of San Diego) Science Daily

1 Apr 2014 - Agreement Signed For Transshipment Hub (Garfield L. Angus) Jamaica Information Service

31 Mar 2014 - Goat Islands Jamaica's Trojan Horse? (Denisha Brown-Thames, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Observer

31 Mar 2014 - Despite Financial Woes, Jamaica Aims to Become Global Port Hub and Transform Economy (David McFadden) Fox News

26 Mar 2014 - Cost Survey To Compare Goat Islands With Kingston Harbour (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

25 Mar 2014 - Public Discourse in Jamaica - My Alternative Reality (Barbara Carby) Jamaica Observer

24 Mar 2014 - Allow Go-Ahead For Portland Biosphere Reserve Application (Steven G. Smith, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

21 Mar 2014 - Is The Constitution A Sham? (Peter Espeut) Jamaica Gleaner

21 Mar 2014 - Environment Group Seeks Funding For Goat Island's Study (Debbie-Ann Wright) Jamaica Gleaner

20 Mar 2014 - Wait a Minute….There is Clean Coal! (Hylton Daley, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Observer

17 Mar 2014 - 'Deliberate Attempts to Confuse Goat Islands With Logistics Hub' (Jermaine Francis) Jamaica Gleaner

16 Mar 2014 - US Says It Will Not Support Any J'can Coal-Powered Activity (Christopher Serju) Jamaica Gleaner

16 Mar 2014 - Let's Have the Logistics Hub Minus the Coal (Garfield Higgins) Jamaica Observer

16 Mar 2014 - A Port Isn't the 'Ongle' Option (Peter Edwards) Jamaica Gleaner

14 Mar 2014 - Look Around Us….While We Still Can (Karen S. Kennedy, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Observer

13 Mar 2014 - More News in Brief: JET Gets Green Light Jamaica Gleaner

12 Mar 2014 - Not Your Line of Work, Lawyer Brown! (R. Oscar Lofters, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

12 Mar 2014 - Mair Left at Sea (Balford Henry) Jamaica Observer

11 Mar 2014 - Stop Being Petty Over Goat Islands Project (Cedric Brown) Jamaica Gleaner

10 Mar 2014 - Coal, Coal Go Away (Noel Mitchell, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Observer

10 Mar 2014 - Choose Safety Over Money (Stanley Tracey, Open Letter to Transport and Works Minister Dr Omar Davies) Jamaica Gleaner

10 Mar 2014 - Coal a No-Brainer For Logistics Hub (Winston Hay) Jamaica Gleaner

9 Mar 2014 - Need for Transparent, Rational Debate on Chinese Investments (Claude Robinson) Jamaica Observer

9 Mar 2014 - Hauling China over the Coals (Glenn Tucker) Jamaica Gleaner

9 Mar 2014 - Chinese in Jamaica: Xenophobia or Justified Concern? (Orville Taylor) Jamaica Gleaner

7 Mar 2014 - That Screeching Columnist (Annie Paul, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

6 Mar 2014 - Beware of the Xenophobes (editorial) Jamaica Gleaner

5 Mar 2014 - Has Mr Pickersgill Been Sidelined on Goat Islands? (editorial) Jamaica Observer

5 Mar 2014 - Beware of Logistics Hub Myths from Mudslinging Mason (Esther Figueroa, Letter to Editor, edited, see 3 March for full version of letter) Jamaica Gleaner

5 Mar 2014 - Don't Ignore the Coal Hard Facts (Margaret Jarrett, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

4 Mar 2014 - Di Goat Dun' Kill, Skin and Heng Up Long, Long Time (Peter E. T. Edwards) Jamaica Observer

4 Mar 2014 - The People's Views on Goat Islands Must Be Heard (Ingrid Parchment, C-CAM, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Observer

4 Mar 2014 - Don't Give Coal Short Shrift (editorial) Jamaica Gleaner

3 Mar 2014 - Unpublished Letter to the Gleaner (Esther Figueroa) PDF download

3 Mar 2014 - Say No To Coal - Expert Sounds Warning Over Electricity Plan for Logistics Hub (Christopher Serju) Jamaica Gleaner

3 Mar 2014 - The Dollar$ and ¢ents of Saving Goat Islands (Kurt McLaren and Byron Wilson) Jamaica Observer

3 Mar 2014 - Opposition MP Disappointed With Goat Islands Development (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

3 Mar 2014 - 'Trace' Me If You're Man Enough, Mason (Peter Edwards) Jamaica Gleaner

3 Mar 2014 - McCaulay Right On Environment (Ann Lyons, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

3 Mar 2014 - Tired of Her Screeching, Too (Joy Callender, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

2 Mar 2014 - The Chinese Goat Islands 'Offer' is Non-negotiable (Mark Wignall) Jamaica Observer

2 Mar 2014 - PAAC Split by Goat Islands Issue (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

2 March 2014 - Davies Says Goat Islands Won't Be a Chinese Enclave (Balford Henry) Jamaica Observer

2 Mar 2014 - That Screeching Environmentalist (Ronald Mason) Jamaica Gleaner

28 Feb 2014 - Still in the Dark (Peter Espeut) Jamaica Gleaner

28 Feb 2014 - Davies: Goat Islands Project Needs Another Five Years (Balford Henry) Jamaica Observer

28 Feb 2014 - Discuss Coal Rationally (editorial) Jamaica Gleaner

28 Feb 2014 - Caribbean Ports and the Panama Canal, Ripple Effects (M. W.) The Economist

27 Feb 2014 - JET's Letter to Dr Davies on Goat Islands Development (Diana McCaulay) Jamaica Observer

27 Feb 2014 - 'What Next, Steam Powered Cars?' (Talk Back, Edited Comments Posted by Jamaica Observer Online Readers, Re Coal Fire! Article 26 Feb) Jamaica Observer

27 Feb 2014 - The Economy and the Goat Islands Project (editorial) Jamaica Gleaner

26 Feb 2014 - Foreigners Will Take Logistics Hub Jobs if Jamaicans Don't Qualify Themselves - PM (Horace Hines) Jamaica Observer

26 Feb 2014 - Coal Fire! Environmentalist Slams Planned Use of Fossil Fuel to Power Goat Island Project (Kimone Thompson) Jamaica Observer

26 Feb 2014 - Ron Mason Out of His Depth (Diana McCaulay, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

26 Feb 2014 - Gov't, Chinese Close In On Goat Islands Deal (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

25 Feb 2014 - China's Toxic Air Pollution Resembles Nuclear Winter, Say Scientists. Air Pollution Now Impeding Photosynthesis and Potentially Wreaking Havoc on Country's Food Supply, Experts Warn (Jonathan Kaiman) The Guardian

25 Feb 2014 - JET Seeks PAAC's Help on Goat Islands (Balford Henry) Jamaica Observer

23 Feb 2014 - Not All Foreign Investment Harmful to the Environment (editorial) Jamaica Observer

23 Feb 2014 - Here Come The Carbon Criers (Ronald Mason) Jamaica Gleaner

22 Feb 2014 - Phillips Says JA Needs Goat Islands Development (Jermaine Francis) Jamaica Gleaner

21 Feb 2014 - Jet Breaks New Ground In Parliament (Edmond Campbell) Jamaica Gleaner

19 Feb 2014 - PBPA Mangroves Have Carbon Sequestration Value. US$45 Million a Year! (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

18 Feb 2014 - Government Cautioned Against Goat Islands Project By International Group (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

18 Feb 2014 - Hub Dream, Jamaica Aims To Revive Economy With Logistics Centre (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

17 Feb 2014 - Press Release: JET Release to the Press: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Writes to the GOJ Re Goat Islands. PDF download.  See Letter: 29 Jan 2014 for a pdf of IUCN's letter.

16 Feb 2014 - Site Options For Logistics Hub (Jamel Banton) Jamaica Gleaner

16 Feb 2014 - Tread Cautiously On Logistics Hub, Gov't Warned (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

14 Feb 2014 - On Target, Transport Minister Says Goat Islands Project On Track - Draft Agreement To Go Before Cabinet Month End (Daraine Luton) Jamaica Gleaner

13 Feb 2014 - Mair Wants House Committee's Views on Goat Island Port (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

12 Feb 2014 - Press Release: JET Supports Opposition Motion on Goat Islands Port. PDF download

7 Feb 2014 - Cabinet To Make Decision On Goat Islands 'Any Time Now' (Monique Grange) Jamaica Gleaner

6 Feb 2014 - Press Release: 'GOJ Not Dealing With Public in Good Faith Re Goat Islands Port,' Says JET. Jamaica Environment Trust. PDF download

3 Feb 2014 - Open Letter to CHEC (Steven G. Smith, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Observer

1 Feb 2014 - Logistics Hub Activities To Be Fast-Tracked (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

31 Jan 2014 - Formal Agreement for Goat Islands Port Likely This Year - Phillips (staff writer) RJR News

29 Jan 2014 - Letter: IUCN Director General and SSC Chair Addresses Concern on Proposed Development of Goat Islands Port to Jamaican Government.  PDF download

29 Jan 2014 - Celebrating Wetlands (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

28 Jan 2014 - Setting the Record Straight: Goat Islands and the Mangroves of PBPA Update (Byron Wilson and Kurt McLaren, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Observer

27 Jan 2014 - Jamaica Can Have Its Own Logistics Hub (Steve Lyston) Jamaica Gleaner

27 Jan 2014 - Consider a Cuba, Haiti, J'ca Co-hub (Kwame Emmanuel, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Observer 

26 Jan 2014 - Developing a Logistics Hub: a Search for Sustainable Development (The ESL Blogs, produced by Environmental Solutions Ltd, Kingston) Jamaica Gleaner

26 Jan 2014 - Why the Goat Islands Are Not the Best Location for the Touted Fourth World-Class Logistics Hub (Howard Chin) Jamaica Observer

26 Jan 2014 - The Fire Under the Mannish Water Tun Up (Peter E.T. Edwards Blog)

25 Jan 2014 - A Port is Not the "Ongle Option": Some Alternative Uses for Goat Islands (Peter E.T. Edwards Blog)

22 Jan 2014 - 10,000 Jobs from Goat Islands Port (Kimone Thompson) Jamaica Observer

20 Jan 2014 - Goat Islands Already Being Destroyed, Says Researcher - Dynamite-Fishing and Natural Deforestation Damaging Proposed Logistics Hub Base (Christopher Thomas) Jamaica Gleaner

12 Jan 2014 - The Bigger Picture on Logistics Hub (Marshall Hall) Jamaica Gleaner

10 Jan 2014 - Silly, Ignorant Editorial, Don Quixote (Peter Espeut) Jamaica Gleaner

9 Jan 2014 - JET Appeals ATI Decision on Goat Islands (Petre Williams-Raynor) Jamaica Gleaner

9 Jan 2014 - Not-So-Critical Editorial (Diana McCaulay) Jamaica Gleaner

8 Jan 2014 - Holness Questions Chinese Interest in Goat Islands (Edmond Campbell) Jamaica Gleaner

7 Jan 2014 - End Secrecy Re Goat Islands Port Development - JET (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

6 Jan 2014 - Bight Betrayal - Environmentalists Angered as Gov't Pulls Back on Biosphere Recognition for Portland Protected Area (Christopher Serju) Jamaica Gleaner

6 Jan 2014 - 'Government Needs to Come Clean' (Christopher Serju) Jamaica Gleaner

6 Jan 2014 - What Is a Biosphere Reserve Area? (staff writer) Jamaica Gleaner

5 Jan 2014 - It's Going To Be a Tough Year (Peter Espeut) Jamaica Gleaner

4 Jan 2014 - Press Release: 'End the Secrecy Re The Goat Islands Port Development,' Says JET. Jamaica Environment Trust. PDF download

2 Jan 2014 - No Urgency for Enviro Matters (Jodi-Ann Gilpin) Jamaica Gleaner

18 Dec 2013 - Caribbean in Crisis: Checkbook Diplomacy (Robin Wigglesworth) Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

17 Dec 2013 - A Hub and a Prayer (Grace Virtue) Jamaica Observer

17 Dec 2013 - Falmouth Short-Changed (Antoinette Green, Letter to Editor, Re the Falmouth Cruise Ship Pier, Lessons for Portland Bight) Jamaica Gleaner

15 Dec 2013 - Animation Keeps Spotlight on Save Goat Islands Campaign (Sadeke Brooks) Jamaica Gleaner

15 Dec 2013 - Dr Phillips In Beijing (Editorial) Jamaica Gleaner

11 Dec 2013 - 'Two Likkle Lizard'. JET Jingle Plays on Transport Minister’s Comments (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

11 Dec 2013 - Press Release: Jamaica's First Biosphere Reserve Soon to be Declared in Portland Bight Protected Area by UNESCO. Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation, Lionel Town, Clarendon. PDF download

10 Dec 2013 - Why Are We Poor? Because We're Stupid! (Howard Chin, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

3 Dec 2013 - Kennedy 'Waggonist' for Logistics Hub (David Harrison, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

Dec 2013 - Faced with Massive Development Project, NGO Commits to Protect Jamaica’s Goat Islands (Dipika Chawla) Eco-Index, Rainforest Alliance

21 Nov 2013 - On Tessanne Chin and the Jamaican Iguana (Diana McCaulay Blog)

20 Nov 2013 - 'We Will Not Give Up!’ Herpetologists Still Banking on Goat Islands (Kimone Thompson) Jamaica Observer

18 Nov 2013 - Environmentalists Slam Gov't Goat Islands Study (Kimone Thompson) Jamaica Observer

17 Nov 2013 - The Jamaica Logistics Hub, Who Will Benefit? (Michael Witter) JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

14 Nov 2013 - Jamaican Iguana Conservation Program Marks 20 Years of Success, Faces Worries about Next 20 Years (John Platt) Scientific American

11 Nov 2013 - Logistics Hub May Not Benefit Jamaica - Economist (Jermaine Francis) Jamaica Gleaner

8 Nov 2013 - Critically Endangered Jamaican Iguana Imperiled by Port Development (Adam Andrus) Mongabay Environmental News

29 Oct 2013 - Press Release: Port Authority Refuses to Disclose the MOU Regarding the Logistics Hub and Port Development. PDF Download

29 Oct 2013 - Statement to Parliament, Update on the Environmental Management Scoping of the Portland Bight Area, Inclusive of the Goat Islands, By Dr. the Hon. Omar Davies, MP - Minister of Transport, Works & Housing.  PDF Download

22 Oct 2013 - 20 Years of Conservation Success for the Jamaican Iguana (IUCN News Staff) IUCN - The International Union for Conservation of Nature

22 Oct 2013 - Setting Gordon Straight (Diana McCaulay) Jamaica Gleaner

18 Oct 2013 - Natural Environment is Our Heritage, Too (Peter Espeut) Jamaica Gleaner

30 Sept 2013 - Species Conservation in a Complicated World (Charles Knapp) Huffington Post

24 Sept 2013 - Gov't to Press Ahead with Logistics Hub (Ingrid Brown) Jamaica Observer

23 Sep 2013 - Jamaican Iguana Fights Off Extinction Again (Nick Davis) Deutsche Welle

18 Sept 2013 - How Could This Hub Work? (Howard Chin) Jamaica Observer

16 Sept 2013 - Press Release: Statement on the Issue of Building a Port Facility and/or Logistics Hub in the Portland Bight Protected Area Including the Goat Islands. Jamaica Environment Trust (JET). PDF Download

13 Sept 2013 - Puss Inna Bag (Peter Espeut) Jamaica Gleaner

13 Sept 2013 - What on Earth is the Government Thinking? (Richard Gibson, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Observer

10 Sept 2013 - Goat Islands and the Chinese (Howard Chin) Jamaica Observer

10 Sept 2013 - Jamaicans Must Fight To Preserve Natural Heritage (Richard Gibson, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

8 Sept 2013 - Dredge Elsewhere! Environmental Damage to Portland Bight Outweighs Economic Benefits (Howard Chin) Jamaica Gleaner

4 Sept 2013 - Jamaican Iguana Fighting for Survival (Kimone Thompson) Jamaica Observer

4 Sept 2013 - Don't Disturb Goat Islands (André Haughton) Jamaica Gleaner

30 Aug 2013 - Goat Islands Could Become Chinese State, Warns Henry (Daraine Luton) Jamaica Gleaner

29 Aug 2013 - Press Release: Experts Reject Proposed Site for Chinese Logistics Hub. PDF Download

28 Aug 2013 - Six Reasons Against Port on Goat Islands (staff writer) Jamaica Observer

27 Aug 2013 - China Port May Finish Off Goat Islands Fisheries (Diana McCaulay) Jamaica Gleaner

24 Aug 2013 - JET Taking Gov't to Court Over Goat Islands (Kimone Thompson) Jamaica Observer

22 Aug 2013 - Gov't Admits Goat Islands Under 'Serious Consideration' for Trans-shipment Hub (Julian Richardson) Jamaica Observer

22 Aug 2013 - Enviro Group Braces to Challenge Development in Protected Area (Livern Barrett) Jamaica Gleaner

20 Aug 2013 - Identify Alternative Site for Trans-Shipment Port (Diana McCaulay, Letter to Editor) Jamaica Gleaner

20 Aug 2013 - Should The Environment Lose Everytime? (Kurt McLaren and Byron Wilson) Jamaica Gleaner

19 Aug 2013 - Press Release: JET & C-CAM Call on the GOJ To Reveal Plans for the Transshipment Port. PDF download

29 Mar 2013 - Jamaica's Proposed Logistic Hub Requires Updated Maritime Laws (Peter E.T. Edwards Blog)